At Kids-A-Lot we take our fun seriously. With multiple outdoor playgrounds, each designed for different ages and motor skill levels as well as active indoor activities, our students are exposed to a broad variety of games and playtime fun. From circle time -- singing and reading activities -- to creative movement to craft projects that are both fun and educational, your children will enjoy a wide variety of activities that will stimulate both their bodies and minds. Play time consists of both structured and unstructured activities to enhance social interaction as well as creativity.

Creative Movement



Patty Barr has been working with Kids-A-Lot for 20 years. She holds a B.S. in Recreation Therapy from Iowa State University. The children here love her diverse music and physical activities. Patty provides developmentally appropriate movement exercises for children of all ages. Creative movement takes place every other Thursday at the Center and is offered to all of our classrooms with the exception of infants. For more info on Patty go to

Folk Music



Nancy Railsback is an education professor at Massachusetts Bay Community College located in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. She is eager to share her love and talent of music with the children. The Music Program is designed for infants through Kindergarten Enrichment aged children to explore through movement, sing group songs, and touch and explore with a variety of different musical instruments on a regular basis. All sessions are developmentally appropriate for each specific age group. Sessions are held within individual classrooms or on a larger scale outdoors for the summer months.




Ethereal Arts is committed to teaching the "Science of Self Defense." In other words, Kenpo Karate is not a force against force contest where the strongest wins.

All children’s sessions are focused on practicing respect, patience and guidance for the art. Children are interactive throughout the sessions and learn many valuable life skills and lessons through the weekly sessions that are held right at the Kids A Lot location. Karate sessions are open to preschool children that are potty trained.

School of DanceExtra



Each Monday morning we offer ballet & tap classes instructed by Miss Tricia Marshall. Classes are held in our gross motor room. Miss Tricia is the owner of Miss Tricia's Dance Studio in Stow. She attended Salem State College where she minored in Dance. Tricia was a New England Patriots Cheerleader from 1996-2000. From 2001-2003 she was Director of the Dance Team for the Boston Cannons MLL.

For Dance class, each child will need ballet and tap shoes as well as a leotard & tights, or comfortable pants or shorts for those boys who may want to participate (dancing is not just for girls!). In late May, or early June the students participate in a Dance recital for their families at the Hale School auditorium in Stow. The cost of costumes is the parent's responsibility. Classes are offered to 3 year olds and up and must be potty trained.

Field Trips

Field trips are part of the program. Children whom do not want to attend and will need to stay home for the duration of the outing.




Spanish is offered as part of our tuition for 3, T4, 4, and 5 year old children. Hands on lessons for children related to simple concepts are provided weekly on Fridays throughout the school year.